1. SAP IS/U Express
  2. SAP CRM Express
  3. Advanced metering: aMets
  4. AMI (go)

SAP IS/U Express

Express implementation of Billing & Customer service solution for utilities

Consulting services are adapting new approaches in reducing in time and cost of implementation to meet the urgent business requirements of utilities to increase their revenue, improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Our new express Implementations with standard customized templates will help the consulting services team to bring utilities the best (cost and time) in mission-critical software for far less than they might have anticipated.

Express Implementations provide a standard set of customized templates for critical business processes for specific utility types (electric, gas, water).

  • Pre-configured software solution
  • Pre-defined tools and approaches for integration with other client solutions
  • Out-of-the-box training materials specific to our pre-configured solutions
  • Change management approaches.

Predefined templates

This template contains all the basic functionalities need to manage

  • Device used in utilities
  • Customer contact
  • Customer revenue & cash collection centre
  • Customer interaction kiosk


Device Management

  • Create/Maintain Utility Installation Details
  • Perform Device Installation
  • Create/Maintain Device characteristics
  • Process Device Inspections/Certification
  • Create/Maintain Physical Device Location
  • Manage Device movements (Transfer Posting)
  • Process Device Removal
  • Process Device Replacement
  • Process Device Investigation


  • Process Scheduled Electricity/Gas/Water billing
  • Process Unscheduled Billing
  • Process Un-Metered Billing
  • Process Individual Reversal/Adjustment
  • Process Mass Reversal/ Adjustment
  • Produce Invoice Statements
  • Process Billing Exceptions/Errors
  • Process Manual Out-sorting
  • Create/Maintain Tariff Structure, Prices, Discounts, Surcharges, Taxes
  • Billing simulation
  • Tariff Configuration - Residential/Commercial & Industrial/Unmetered

Revenue Management

  • Accept Cash Desk Payments
  • Process Batch Payment Lots
  • Process Transfer Payments
  • Process Manual Payment
  • Process Collection Agency Payment
  • Process Cash/Cheque Payment
  • Process Payments from Banks
  • Daily GL Posting
  • Periodic GL Reconciliation
  • Generate Month-End Financial Reporting
  • Maintain Collection/Dunning Actions

Customer Interaction Center

  • Process Move-In
  • Manage New Connections process
  • Process Move Out
  • Create/Maintain Business Partner
  • Create/Maintain Contract Account
  • Create Customer Tariff/Rate
  • Maintain Existing Contract
  • Create/Maintain Connection Object
  • Create/Maintain Premise

Customer benifits

Reduced TCO with clear scope and Understanding & prioritizing the business requirements of utilities

  • Faster implementations – with time savings of up to 70%
  • More reliable projects due to use of proven tools and best practices
  • Comprehensive mitigation of technical and business risks throughout the project life cycle
  •  Lower support costs due to faster adoption by end users
  • Rapid resolution of difficult integration  thorough knowledge transfer and end-user acceptance

SAP CRM Express

Factors of success in the sales and service:  Process ergonomics and flexibility

Introducing SAP CRM as incalculable size in the project budget? Not with us! With our new template solution crm [GO] your CRM-introduction becomes calculable project.

And here, not only the costs of the project can be planned, but also the lead time is less and efficient. Use the complete function range of crm [GO] ready after 6 months – for the private sales, commercial sales as well as the corporate client sales.

A multitude of undertakings of the energy sector in Germany and Austria have already decided for a SAP CRM-introduction by means of the established template “crm [GO]” in the past years.

If even you are one of the energy providers with the part “Extra Edge”, we glad introduce to you our templates personally, please approach us.

Our template – your advantage

  • The costs – Introduction of SAP CRM for fixed price.
  • The time – More time for your day-to-day business through less involvement service in the project and a short-term CRM-use
  • A CRM-system for the areas sales and service – double benefits
  • Modular structure – Expanding according to size
  • Basic SAP CRM – The specific setting on SAP-products guarantees a high investment security in the long term. The further development especially legal requirements is assured by the SAP AG
  • Integration – The standardised SAP IS-U integration supersedes interface programming in the introductory project
  • Experience and competency – Experience convinced - introduction by an industry expert with about 40 satisfied SAP CRM customers

Our services in the project

We find it important to accompany the entire introduction project of the project initialisation, the go-live and also the subsequent post-operative support.
For this reason, we offer customised modules for each of your project phases.

Choose what you really need.

Function range
crm [GO] compact – Everything for sales and service, in one system

  • All processes of the day-to-day business for the customer service. Creating contracts, terminating contracts, “relocation of business” as well as  existing customer processes like advance payment   plan customisation and
  • Debtor accounts processing – easy and intuitive
  • Everything for your commercial and corporate client sales – maintaining contacts, deadlines and tasks and a matured bidding process, even for explicitly over 100 delivery facilities
  • Real time interface between SAP CRM and SAP IS-U – all data there, where you need it, replicatrd using a standard interface
  • Sales controlling with selected reports
  • High ergonomics and optimum process control for your employees

You can expect this and much more with our template crm [GO] and as in case of all our templates expandable individually and in modular manner through other products of our crm [GO]-portfolio, such as  special components for the network support as well as customer support.

The services of crm [GO] network at a glance:

  • Compact assistance for network operators in the utility industry
  • High user friendliness and operation friendliness
  • Process optimised private connection procedure
  • Efficient development of feed systems
  • Integrated 360°-overviews
  • Standardised interfaces
  • And much more

The services of crm [GO] business at a glance:

  • Complete and transparent presentation of all relevant customer data
  • High user friendliness and operation friendliness
  • Integrated calculation process
  • Mapping of arbitrary network of relationships
  • Comprehensive activities management
  • Standardised interfaces
  • And much more

The services of crm [GO] customer-care at a glance:

  • Automated online processes in the new customer and existing customer area
  • Customer service round the clock
  • Smooth  integration in existing internet site
  • High user friendliness and operation friendliness
  • Complete data collection
  • Transparent, customised information provision
  • Standardised interfaces
  • And much more 

 Allow us to convince you with a personal presentation. Speak to us, we are looking forward to it.

Advanced metering: aMets

An Integrated application toolkit for meter data management

a-mets toolkit is a set of application developed for utilities to supplement the MDM process of a-mets is to minimize human intervention SAP IS-U and to help the utilities to perform their tasks more effectively. The major objective of in meter reading process and assist utilities with better control over routine processes. It provides customized meter data management solution with following functionalities:-

  • Scheduled/Instant/Interval meter reading
  • Instant disconnection/reconnection
  • Outage/tamper detection
  • Meter monitoring and general checks

Master data Management:
Master data management operation automates the process of required master data operations in both ERP and engine side.

Connection Management: Connection management operation automates the process of remote disconnection reconnection operations. 

Energy Accounting: Energy accounting functionality provides energy data management activities like developing daily consumption profile, synthetic load profiles, and demand analysis.

System settings (ERP): Set of tools available for carrying out the system check on ERP side to ensure the connectivity with engine.

System Check (ERP/ENGINE): A set of checking programs are available to ensure the smooth running of the a-mets system. A-mets dashboard will help to execute these checks and take necessary action when required.

Reports: Many reports are available to get track of records and elements in detail.

Meter Reading: Meter reading functionality provides the facility to enter manual meter reading details remotely and also to automate meter reading process. Through monitoring, the entered consumption data is validated for the possible errors. 

Consumer Indexing: Consumer indexing functionality facilitates the effective management of connections; it is a process of assigning a unique number to each connected consumer into the system and identifies the customer to be the part of the network diagram.

AMI (go)

Keeping the background for European Automated Metering Infrastructure(AMI) regulations cronos group has developed Template solutions named ami (GO), based on the SAP AMI module. It supports the handling of Energy efficiency products as well as the Business process of Device managment, Meter reading and Customer service.

For more details contact us at bdt@cronos-india.com